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International Luxury Magazine Publisher 

Haute Couture Designer 

Stage and Set Designer

My love of desserts

Chocolate & Romance

They just go together.

Lavish Dessert Tables

Whenever we have an event our dessert table, you see this gleam in people eyes This excitement. I enjoy that immensely.

Baking is relazing

Being in the kitchen is fun for me. The smells of baking takes me back to my childhood when I baked with my grandmother. Nothing like it.

We have deliver the best ion desserts!

Modern Day Renaissance Woman

Modern Day Renaissance Woman


Victoria Napolitano is a modern-day renaissance woman. A successful entrepreneur, business woman and accomplished innovator, she has carved out one of the most successful collection of branded products and services to serve the discerning buyer. In November 2017 Victoria Napolitano celebrated 10 years of luxury magazine publishing. Her vision of sophistication, luxury and romance sets her apart on her journey to own and operate a luxury platform rivaled by none.   

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