Victoria Napolitano announces her new European office in Italy.

Victoria Napolitano new showroom in Italy

Author of "Through Her Eyes", Victoria Napolitano

Beverly Hills Concierge Desk 

1 (424) 284 4040

European Office 

Nel Palazzo  in Galatone Piazza Umberto I n.18


Victoria Napolitano new showroom in Italy

From Beverly Hills to Galatone

Victoria's Fairytale Dreams

The American fashion designer Victoria Napolitano will collaborate with Luca Caputo, a talented Italian with a passion for restoring classic cars and motorbikes. Victoria is an international businesswoman who immediately spotted Luca’s competence and enthusiasm for vintage cars, which he inherited from his dad, an orthopaedic doctor. Luca personally collects and restores these cars, that he considers as witnesses of the history and civilisation of a Nation, as well as links between different generations. 

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Victoria Napolitano collaborates Italian car collector Luca Caputo.

Victoria Napolitano collaborates Italian car collector Luca Caputo.

Mademoiselle French Collection Italian Showroom

In the Palace of Romance...

Victoria Napolitano will showcase her haute couture to visitors.

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Music written by Victoria Napolitano

Groundbreaking New Book “Through Her Eyes” Sheds Light on Victoria Napolitano’s 

Dramatic Journy toe Success

Book also includes soundtrack collaborated by top vocalists from around the world

“It was important to me that I write my own lyrics. It had to tell my story through song,”

Victoria Napolitano

"Through her Eyes" FOREWORD

From Hostage Negotiator & Detective to An International Designer and Luxury Magazine Publisher

 The bandages on her eyes darkened her world and her dreams. Victoria Napolitano might have been the first black woman to work as a robbery detective at the San Jose Police Department, but now she wondered how she would even survive. The city that employed her was fighting to deny responsibility for her medical costs related to an eye injury she sustained while on duty. 

Tyler Napolitano architecture student

Tyler today.

 Why did you study Architecture?

For as long as I can remember, my goal was to become an architect. I would love to create spaces that could help improve people’s lives. 

My architect hero?

It is hard for me to pick, so many of them have key qualities that I really look up to. The first one that comes to mind, however, is Tadao Ando. I love the way all of his projects incorporate light, making it act as a tangible object.


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ABC / Disney for exclusive rights to our fine art photography


ABC / Disney for exclusive rights to our fine art photography  

The Victoria Napolitano Group LLC. is pleased to announce its partnership with ABC / Disney for exclusive rights to our fine art photography which is licensed for use on television.  

Victoria Napolitano Begins International Model Career

A One-of-a-kind Model Who will Tell Your Story


Victoria Napolitano is one of the most sought-after models in the business. As a spokesmodel for women over 40, Victoria’s image has been seen around the world, including in Italy where she was on a billboard featuring the famous Sergio Boldrin’s Venetian masks. (Sergio Boldrin is the famous mask maker for Tom’ Cruise’s Suspenseful thriller “Eyes Wide Shut”.)

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  With over a decade of luxury magazine publishing, experience as a high fashion project manager for over 2oo photo shoots, and countless print advertisements, Victoria Napolitano understands the ins and outs of the fashion and modeling world. Victoria, herself, was featured on 5 prestigious magazine covers. Victoria hosted a highly successful online luxury show. Her talents supersede most professional models in the field today. 

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Overcoming injury, job loss to start a successful business Victoria Napolitano on launching her business after overcoming blindness and job loss.

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