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Masiela Lusha

Mademoiselle French Collection SUMMER 2017 Read Now

European-born actress/writer Masiela Lusha portrayed "Carmen Lopez" for five seasons as George Lopez's rebellious and passionate daughter on the syndicated ABC series, George Lopez (2002). She was born on October 23, 1985 to parents Max and Daniela. Raised in Tirana, Albania; Budapest, Hungary; and Vienna, Austria, Masiela settled in Michigan at the age of seven; English is her fourth language. Her acting talents span well into films, voice-overs, print work with Ben Affleck and, of course, television.  

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Victoria Napolitano

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Stylist: Heather Perkins 

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World Tour 2018

Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Paris, Lucerne, Switzerland

Designer Victoria Napolitano, Owner, CEO of the Trademark Designs will be a featured author/speaker and consultant in  San Francisco Beverly Hills, France & Switzerland in 2018.  

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Our Music Guest BENISE

Leaving his family and friends in the Midwest to move 1500 miles away from home to Los Angeles with nothing more than his guitar, he held in his heart the encouragement from his parents to “work hard and have faith.”After being turned down by almost every club in Los Angeles, BENISE started performing on the streets. It was not uncommon for BENISE to put on over 200 shows a year, sometimes playing 2 to 3 events in a single day. Tourists from around the world and native Angelinos alike took to BENISE like the “Pied Piper” of Spanish guitar. From there, the path of his music took on a life of its own, effortlessly opening doors along the way to attract musicians, dancers and cirque performers, eventually creating the extended family that is now known simply as his namesake, “BENISE.”BENISE started to promote his own concerts, selling out 2,000 seat theaters through Southern California. A natural performer, BENISE held audiences captive with exotic drums, Gypsy violin, Flamenco dancers, Cirque performers, Brazilian Samba dancers and percussionists, African tribal drummers, Havana horns, and brilliant theatrical lighting to create and unforgettable experience. 



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Actress Judi Blair

For Mademoiselle French Collection

Location: Viceroy L'Ermitage Beverly Hills Luxury Hotel

Refined Luxury Legendary Allure

Judi Blair (IMDb) wearing Mademoiselle French Collection Photography: Victoria Napolitano  

Recent Interviews...

Chef for Lundt.  Lucerne, Switerland

Baselworld, Switzerland

  • The most expensive and elite brands in the world.  Photographed by Victoria Napolitano in Basel, Switzerland.

  • Accredited journalist Victoria Napolitano interviews the Presidents and CEO's of these distinguished brands.  


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