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Victoria Napolitano

Keynote Speaker - You Hold The POWER


Over the course of our lives we spend most of our time with just 5 people!

Success books say that WHO we spend our time with is a key influence on

our happiness - and whether we succeed or fail. And experience shows that happy, successful

people spend most of their time with other people who are happy and successful…


Through Her Eyes the Victoria Napolitano Story and Through Her Eyes the Soundtrack

Through Her Eyes the Victoria Napolitano Story and Through Her Eyes the Soundtrack 


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Before you can face the world, you need to feed your spirit.

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Victoria napolitano - keynote speaker


Inspiration, Enlightenment, Expert Communicator, Compassionate Humanitarian

Author, International speaker, domestic violence survivor—Victoria Napolitano electrifies audiences wherever she goes. Ex narcotics detective, undercover officer and survivor of life-altering blindness, spousal abandonment and single parenthood, Ms. Napolitano embodies strength, fearlessness, entrepreneurial spirit and a will to thrive and help others do the same. Victoria’s powerful presentation shows her compassion for her fans and her innate ability to connect with them. At one point, she gained over 130 pounds while struggling with multiple stressors, but found the will and the way to overcome that challenge. She also rebounded from temporary blindness to become a world-wide leader in creative design, modeling and a highly sought-after consultant. 

After life-changing experiences, Ms. Napolitano is now an expert in marketing, social media, and magazine design while obtaining certification as a make-up artist and life coach. Leaving behind a successful career as a police officer, detective and critical incident team leader, she now is a truly eclectic entrepreneur. In addition to all her other successes, she has become a luxury magazine publisher, independent filmmaker, songwriter, international model, and managing partner of her own business entailing 7 divisions. She is the owner of a skincare, cosmetics and clothing line. She has worked with numerous celebrities, including Kathy Ireland, Kenny G. and John Tesh. She’s the recipient of the Martin Luther King Award for assisting girls at the Children’s Shelter in Santa Clara County. 

Victoria will touch the hearts of those who see and hear her. Her zest for life and incredible success, where others would surely have given up, is the story of an inspirational mentor and an exceptional role model.