Creator of Castle Mysteries on the French Riviera

The Victoria Napolitano Group


Victoria Napolitano - Managing Partner

The Victoria Napolitano Group is a multi-media branding and marketing company representing numerous platforms like radio, luxury magazines, 3-D animation, short films, voiceovers, custom lyrics and music, models, actors, editors, writers and translators.     With a team of 30+ from around the world, The Victoria Napolitano Group creates dynamic multi-media in many languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Russian.  

As President and CEO, Victoria Napolitano has garnered more than 11 years of entertainment field experience. She has been cast in commercials and commissioned as a spokes model, actor and now, radio personality for The Victoria Napolitano Studios in Beverly Hills.  

Victoria Napolitano and her brand are associated with celebrities, millionaires and billionaires from around the world. Most of her work originates from referrals and abroad.   

Victoria Napolitano has a 5+ rating in both San Francisco and Beverly Hills from celebrities and high net worth individuals due to her meticulous and unconventional style.   

For a proper assessment of your company, a profile can be created. Our team will access your current marketing and branding campaigns; while her team  will identify those features that are working as well as those that should be improved.   

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Beverly Hills Concierge Team  Attention: Sam Paulsen